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Meet Stella

A Philosophy Fitness’s Success Story Highlight​

150 days ago Stella quit smoking and started rowing. She took herself from zero endurance to mega endurance - starting with Philosophy Fitness’s Row Circuit classes. She then completed Philosophy’s 10km Row Workshop in the early spring of 2017, and next, and most challenging of all, she successfully completed the Concept 2 Marathon Challenge in May 2017. Inside the doors of Philosophy Fitness and with her friend and Philosophy Coach Chrissy at her side she completed the marathon with a 3:41:36.4 time, ranking her currently at 18th place for her weight and gender class in the world!!! What an accomplishment!

She is standing taller, feeling stronger, breathing easier. She increased her lean muscle mass and lost fat. We are so proud of this success story and know there is still more for her to come. In her own words, this “transformation” is so much bigger and better than anything a picture could ever display.

“I feel in control of myself. My body, my health, my mind! Everything feels so much stronger and more centered. I'm learning how to push harder and go further with thoughts of kindness towards myself rather than with negative talk, which is a huge life lesson for me. I'm so excited for where I've come and where I'm going.

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Chrissy, Phil and Dustin for their patience, encouragement and guidance as I've literally started from zero and built myself up. They are amazing at what they do and Philosophy Fitness has truly changed my whole life.” SC

Stella has been an inspiration amongst our Philosophy Fitness family. She started at Philosophy in September 2016. And has been a regular in Chrissy, Dustin, and Phil’s Group Training fitness classes, where she is continuously encouraged to push harder and reach farther.

Well Done Stella, we are so proud of you!!

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